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Kidscreen is thrilled to announce that AAS 2020 and 2021 will be held in Bali, Indonesia.

Join us there and discover Asia-Pacific’s best new animation for kids first. PLUS connect with new partners in Indonesia’s fast-growing and vibrant creative industry.

More info and registration coming soon.

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Now in its eighth year, the Asian Animation Summit (AAS) is an annual event designed to showcase Asia’s strongest animated projects looking for investors and partners.

Speaker Melvin Benson


Melvin Benson

Development Coordinator

Atomic Cartoons

After graduating from Syracuse University, Melvin got his first start in the entertainment industry doing PA work for live action/drama series at ABC. Meanwhile, he was doing standup comedy, taking improv classes at the Upright Citizens Bigrade and eventually signed to a voice over agency. Working as a voice actor and reading scripts from so many animated projects sparked a renewed interest in animation that he hadn’t yet tapped into.

In 2016, Melvin earned a position as the Executive Assistant to the President and Vice President of Fox Animation features working across several projects including Ferdinand. After cultivating a knack for development, Melvin sought new opportunities and now currently serves as a Development Coordinator for Atomic Cartoons. Since joining the team Mel has helped to develop several series and even served as an associate producer on The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom video game.

Speaking on: Pitchfest 1

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