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Kidscreen is thrilled to announce that AAS 2020 and 2021 will be held in Bali, Indonesia.

Join us there and discover Asia-Pacific’s best new animation for kids first. PLUS connect with new partners in Indonesia’s fast-growing and vibrant creative industry.

More info and registration coming soon.

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Now in its eighth year, the Asian Animation Summit (AAS) is an annual event designed to showcase Asia’s strongest animated projects looking for investors and partners.

Speaker Telidja Klaï


Telidja Klaï

Content Manager (Ketnet)


With a PHD in Developmental Psychology, Telidja Klai is responsible for 360°programming strategy and target strategies at Ketnet the dedicated children’s channel of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT in Belgium.

The main thrust of her activities at Ketnet are the development of children and Ketnet’s vision and values. Telidja is also responsible for programme acquisitions and co-productions animation. She is in charge of the selection, acquisition and adaptation of international children’s programmes and of co-productions animation with Flemish animation studios and producers.

Speaking on: Pitchfest 2; Pitchfest 2; Pitchfest 2

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